FC-i Series

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Timbangan Counting FC-i / FC-Si Series

Accurate Counting Function by High Internal Resolution
High Functionality You Can Afford!
AND FC-Si-Series

Features FC-i/FC-Si Series

  • Internal resolution FC-Si 1/10,000,000 FC-i 1/1,000,000
  • Displayed resolution FC-Si 1/25,000 FC-i 1/10,000
  • FC-Si SHS sensor assures accuracy and resolution of precision balance.
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Rugged design
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack Option
  • Large memory stores & retrieves up to 500 ID, unit & tare weights and Item Code (Alphanumeric)
  • Large platform sizes accommodate a wide variety of packages, cartons & boxes
  • Remote platform option allows bulk counting
  • Comparator function which triggers an alarm HI – OK or LO settings
  • Navigation System with LED increases ease & efficiency
  • Universal Flex Coms (UFC) allows you to print out as you format the printer
  • Automatic Memory Accumulation Mode totals piece count into memory


  • OP-01 Bar Code Reader
  • OP-02i Ni-MH Battery Pack
  • OP-03i RS232C x 2ch.
  • OP-04i RS232C x 1ch. + Comparator Relay Output
  • OP-05i Remote Scale Interface
  • Note: OP-03i and OP-04i cannot co-exist
Spesification :
ModelMin. Unit WeightMin. Unit WeightCapacityDisplayPan Size (mm)
 (Normal Mode)(Fine Mode) ResolutionW x D
FC-500Si0.001 g0.00005 g500 g0.02 g128 x 128
FC-5000Si0.01 g0.0005 g5 kg0.2 g165 x 165
FC-500i0.01 g0.0005 g500 g0.05 g205 x 152
FC-1000i0.02 g0.001 g1 kg0.1 g 
FC-2000i0.04 g0.002 g2 kg0.2 g300 x 280
FC-5000i0.1 g0.005 g5 kg0.5 g 
FC-10Ki0.2 g0.01 g10 kg1 g 
FC-20Ki0.4 g0.02 g20 kg2 g 
FC-50Ki1 g0.05 g5 0kg5 g 
  • AD-8121B: Multi-Function Printer
  • AD-8118A: Journal Printer
  • AD-8951: Comparator Light



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