FS-i Bench Scale

Waterproof Bench Scale

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Timbangan Duduk Digital AND FS-i Series

IP65 Dust and Waterproof Checkweighing Scales

Feature :

  • Ultra high-speed weighing with 0.5-second stabilization
  • Distinct tricolor LEDs for fast and error-free comparator judgment
  • Take-away checkweighing using the auto-tare function
  • Washable and hygienic stainless steel (SUS304) display unit and weighing pan
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant load cell*
  • Fast data acquisition with a refresh rate of 20 times/second
  • Large memory of 100 comparator settings
  • 60-segment analog sweep (horizontal bar) display for intuitive filling control
  • Simple operation mode to prevent accidental changes to the settings
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable battery for approx. 80 hours operation (optional)
  • The display unit available separately as an indicator for check weighing scales (FS-D)

* Aluminum anodized and coated with epoxy resin with protective silicon over wiring

Spesification Fs-i Bench Scale

odel Capacity Readability Pan Size (mm)
    (Selectable by user) W x D
FS-6Ki 6 kg 0.002 kg 250 x 250
    0.001 kg  
    0.0005 kg  
FS-15Ki 15 kg 0.005 kg 250 x 250
    0.002 kg  
    0.001 kg  
FS-30Ki 30 kg 0.01 kg 380 x 300
    0.005 kg  
    0.002 kg

External Input / Output

  • RS-232C + comparator relay output (optional)
  • RS-422/485 + comparator relay output (optional)


  • HC-02i : Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (6V, 4Ah)
  • FS-03i : RS-232C + comparator relay output
  • FS-04i : RS422/485 + comparator relay output



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