GSC GST-9800

Indicator Timbangan
For Truck scale, Platform scale


Indicator Timbangan Digital GSC GST-9800


  • Selectable display resolution: A high 1 / 500,000 count internal resolution, and a selectable display resolution delivers precision for the most demanding application.
  • Divers up to 8 load cells: Load cell excitation voltage of 12 VDC with the capability of driving up to 8 load cells (350) in parallel.
  • Standard RS-232 interface: Serial interfaces available to connect computers, printers or external display.
  • GST-9800PLUS with 4 input set points: The high 40 times / sec sampling speed makes the GST-9800PLUS ‘s two batching operation modes. Normal or check weighing batching perfect for demanding batch weighing application.
  • Digital linearization: The GSC GST-9800, GST-9800P and GST-9800PLUS can improve the performance of load cells with poor linearity. The digital linearization function provides compensation for load cells to improve their linearity.
  • 304 stainless steel cover: GST-9800P and GST-9800PLUS install 304 stainless steel case to protect the board.
  • 5 cm high red LED display
  • Hi-low OK comparison function
  • Full digital front panel calibration set up capacity and accuracy
  • GST-9800 coated steed cover with wall mount


  1. GST-9800Plus with 6 set points
  2. GST-9800P 304 stainless steel cover
  3. GST-9800 coated steel cover


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