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Indicator Timbangan GSC GST-9600R

with 4 set-points Relay Output

GSC knows what you are looking for a weighing indicator ACCURACY
DEPENDABILITY in environment, up-to-date features for fast and trouble-free use- all at a reasonable price. The new GST-9600R weighing indicators fulfill these requirements. Build to meet or exceed CE, Canadian, The U.S and other various regulations, these tough dependable indicators shall impress you with their performance and ease of handling.

Feature GSC GST-9600R

  • 70 times/sec conversion rate:
    70 times/sec conversion speed give greater cutoff judgment accuracy, making the GST-9600R unrivalled when very rapid sampling is required.
  •  15,000 division display resolution:
    High 1,000,000 counts internal resolution, and a 15,000 display resolution deliver precision far most demanding applications.
  • RFI./EMI Screened:
    The analog front-end, and A/D conversion circuit are shielded by an internal sealed metal case for high immunity against RFI/EMI interface and approved by CE regulations.
  • Standard Double RS-232
    The Double RS-232 can be connected to virtually any computer, printer or other peripheral at the same time.
  • 4 Set-Points Relay Output
    The GST-9600R is suitable for hopper scale, packing scale and batching system.


Load cell excitation12 VDC±5%
Load current280 mA (max.) 8 (350)ohm load cells max.
Input sensitivity0.6 uV/ D to 120 uV/ D
Zero adj. range0.35 mV to 24 mV
Span adjustmentfull digital calibration
Input impedance10 MΩ
Display resolution10,000
A/ D resolution100,000 counts
A/ D conversion rate70 times/ sec
A/ D conversion method3 phase tare integrating dual-slop type
Under zero indication“—” sign
Non linearity+0.01% of full scale
Temp. coefficientzero…±(0.2 uV±0.0008% of the initial offset voltage)oCspan …±5 ppm/ oC of reading
Power source100, 110, 220, 240 50/60 Hz (factory installation)
Net weightapprox. 4.0 kg
Operating temperature-5oC to +40oC
Operation humidity95% RH max. (non-condensing)
Physical dimensions250 (W) x 210 (D) x 131 (H) mm
Panel cutout dimensions232+1.0/ -0 (W) x 121+0.8/ -(H) mm


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