Nagata A150W

Dial Platform Scale
Kapasitas : 50kg ~ 200kg
Garansi 1 tahun


Timbangan Duduk Jarum Nagata A150W Mekanik

Dial Platform Scale

Overview Nagata A150W

  • Capacity: 100/150/200kg
  • Cast aluminum dial head, stainless steel tube
  • Cast iron platfom, durable and sturdy
  • W : with wheels
  • Dial chart dia. 265mm

Spesifikasi dan List Harga Nagata A-150W :

TYPEPlatform sizeKapasitasHarga Rp.
A-150W530 x 390 mm50kg x 100g5,460,000
A-150W530 x 390 mm100kg x200gCALL
A-150W530 x 390 mm150kg x 250gCALL
A-150W530 x 390 mm200kg x 500gCALL
Option Impact ABS plastic dial head  
Dimensi730 x 405 x 1085 mm 


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