Timbangan Anti Air

Rechargeable Battery + adaptor


Timbangan Meja Digital CAS SW-WR

Waterproof Scale

  • Battery Operation
  • Compact Design & Easy Operating
  • 25mm LCD Display
  • Limit Function
  • Counting Function Specifications
1/2,000~1/3,000 dual interval resolution for better accuracy
  • The SW-1W/1WR adopts dual interval technology, allowing for an automatic change of the SW-1W/1WR interval for an even more precise reading.
Dust & Waterproof digital scale (Level IP 66)
  • The SW-1W/1WR can be protected from water, dirt and other external agents.
Rechargeable Battery operation (SW-1WR only)
  • The SW-1WR can be used for up to 30 hours after charging the battery.
Clear and Highly legible LED display (SW-1WR only)
  • SW-1WR Series has a 19mm LED display and uses 6 highly legible digits.


  1. Rear display (Dual display)
  2. 9V DC adapter (SW-1W only)
  3. 12V DC adapter (SW-1WR only)


Model SW-WR        
Max. capacity 1/2kg 2.5/5kg 4/10kg 10/20kg 15/30kg
Readability 0.5/1g 1/2g 2/5g 5/10g 5/10g
Maximum tare -0.9995 -2.499 -3.998 -9.995 -14.995
Internal resolution 1/60,000        
External resolution 1/2,000 ~ 1/3,000        
Display digit 5 Digit (SW-1W), 6 Digit (SW-1WR)        
Display type LCD (SW-1W), LED (SW-1WR)        
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +40°C        
Power Dry battery (D type x 6ea) or 9V DC adapter        
  9V DC adapter (SW-1W only)        
  Pb battery,12V DC adapter (SW-1WR only)        
Battery life Approx. 400hours or 800hours (Alkaline battery)        
  Approx. 30hours (SW-1WR)        
Platter size (mm) 247(W) x 195(D)        
Dimensions (mm) 278(W) x 317(D) x 141(H)        
Product weight 3.7kg      


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