Gram S5i series

Portable Scale

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Timbangan Meja Digital Gram S5i Series

Scales for hygienic food environments


  • Hygienic design: Finished in AISI-SAE 304 stainless steel to comply with HACCP guidelines.
  • Easy to clean: Minimises cross-contamination.
  • Watertightness: IP65 protection against dust and liquids.
  • Customisable: Configure ticket printouts.
  • Connectivity: Sends data directly to PC.

Auto-hold: The weight value remains on the screen, even after the item has been removed.
Automatic tare:With memory for 20 numerical tare values and that of the last item weighed.
Verification: It identifies whether a weight is within a range of values.
Part counter: It determines exact quantities of parts.


Ideal for dry or damp environments, where regular cleaning with water is required. Suitable for weighing dry and wet foods, ingredients, parts and packaging, and in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

New design

Featuring a silicone joint system without sharp edges or corners to guarantee watertightness, make cleaning easier and minimise residue build-up.

Direct power cable and rechargeable battery.

Integrated power cable with gland system to guarantee watertightness. Includes rechargeable battery with a life of 30 to 60 hours.

S5i-6 RS
S5i-15 RS
S5i-30 RS
Capacity (kg) 6 15 30 6 15 30
Readability (g) 0,5 1 2 0,5 1 2
Power input 230V / 50 Hz (Euro)
Operating temperature +-5ºC /+35°C
Battery duration 30 – 60 hours
Display Backlit LCD
Segments 6 digits
Digit height (mm) 25
Weight units g (kg), lb, oz / lb
Structure Stainless steel AISI 304
Connectivity No RS 232-C, USB (optional)
Watertight protection IP-65
Dim. of weighing platform (mm) 290 x 210
Dim. of product (mm) 295 x 334 x 110
Net product weight (kg) 4,7
Dim. of packaging (mm) 418 x 390 x 240
Total weight with packaging (kg) 6,8


Tare pedal
RD3 slave display (compatible with S5i-RS)
RD3W wireless slave display
PR4 printer with cable (compatible with S5i-RS)
PR4W wireless printer
PR6 printer with cable (compatible with S5i-RS)
PR6W wireless printer
Three-light LED signal with relay board
Virtual Key software for PC (compatible with S5i-RS)
Direct USB cable (compatible with S5i-RS)
1.5-m RS-232 cable for RD3 or PC (compatible with S5i-RS)
4-m RS-232 cable for RD3 or PC (compatible with S5i-RS)


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