Fujitsu FS-Q

Heavy duty
Counting version
LCD back light


Timbangan High Precision Balance Fujitsu FS-Q


  • LCD backlight
  • Response time in 2 seconds
  • AC-DC support
  • Selectable weighing units and count mode
  • 10 units available: g, ct, lb, oz, GN, dwt, N, t, T / A / R
  • Built-in RS-232
  • Fit with inner rechargeable DC battery (optional)
  • Built-in rear display (optional)
Metage Range6kg10kg20kg30kg
Reading Precision0.05g0.1g 0.1g
Repeatability± 0.1g± 0.2g ± 0.2g
Linearity± 0.1g± 0.2g ± 0.3g
Ambient Temperature5 ° C ± 35 ° C   
Scale Pan Size205 x 295mm   
Scale Size320 x 310 x 120mm   
Warm-up Time10 – 20 minutes  


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