Indicator Cas CI-500A

made in Korea

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Indicator Timbangan Digital Cas CI-500A

The CAS CI-500A series is capable of fast and accurate weighing via a High-performance A / D converter. Suitable for a wide variety of applications from general platform scales to advanced weighing equipment such as hopper and packing scales.


  • High precision, high resolution indicator
  • Easy operation with ten key
  • High visibility, large FND display (20mm)
  • High speed of A / D conversion (200 times / sec)
  • Easy operation & Various functions
  • Simple Calibration (FULL DIGITAL CALIBRATION)
  • Various specification of weight conversion speed (Digital Filter)
  • Built-in self test & self recovery functions
  • Saving of data at sudden power failure
  • Various printer connection (Serial, Centronics parallel)
  • 4 wire, 6 wire load cell support (8 load cell connection)
  • Independent Zero & span calibration
  • Self hardware test | Basic interface: RS-232C, Current loop
  • External input: 4 EA
  • External output: 6 EA


    MODEL   CI-501A CI-502A CI-505A CI-507A
    Load cell excitation voltage   DC 10V      
    Load cell connection (350ohm)   8ea (4 or 6-wire)      
    Zero adjustment range   -0.6mV ~ + 42.0mV      
    Input sensitivity   0.45uV / D      
    A / D conversion method   Sigma-delta      
    A / D internal resolution   1 / 520,000      
    A / D display resolution   1 / 10,000      
    A / D conversion speed   200 times / sec      
    Display Display Unit Kg, g, ton      
      Weight Display 6digits LED (Height: 25mm)      
      Auxiliary Display   4ea 5ea
    Power   AC 100 ~ 250V, 50 / 60Hz      
    Operating Temp   -10 C ~ 40 C      
    External input   4ea      
    External output   6ea    
    Product size (mm)   195 x 189 x 98      
    Product weight (kg)   Approx. 1.8kg    
    • RS-442 / RS-485 interface
    • BCD input / output
    • Analog output
    1. Measuring instrument tester
    2. Platform scale
    3. Truck scale
    4. Packer scale
    5. Hopper scale
    6. Limit scale
    7. Checker scale


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