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Timbangan Meja Digital NTWH Jadever

The NWTH Jadever scale is powered by a main adaptor plug (included) or by disposable batteries (not included). The pan size is 210 x 190mm. There is a choice of two capacities, maximum weight of 2kg in steps of 0.1g or maximum weight of 20kg in steps of 1g. The scale can weigh in Kg, Grams, “Lb’s & Decimal Lb’s” and “Lb’s & Oz”. See the specification tab for more details.


Make & Mode: Jadever NWTH
Maximum Capacity Choice: 2kg
Divisions (Steps): 0.1g (2kg Model)
  1g (20Kg Model)
Weight Units: Kg, g & LB’s
Pan Size: 210 x 190mm
Display: LCD with backlight (Green)
Powered By: Adaptor or Disposable Batteries
Rechargeable Battery: NO
Approval: CE & RoHS


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